Defense News

(Reported by LIN, YI-CHIN on Apr.22 in Kaohsiung )
Chief staff General Yen hold the 2015 army disaster rescue demonstration and claimed that the force of the army, government, and civil society shall integrate and follow the instruction by the President, preventing the disaster from happening, responding asap and reduce the damagwe of the people.The demonstration was hold in army engineer training center, holding by General Yen, the director of disaster preventing office, CHOU, KUO-HSIUNG, division director of ROC red cross, CHANG, BAO-HUI, and all the army regiment chiefs. General Yen claimed that the army deploy the force according to the Army Rescue Act, holding the principle of advanced deployment, maintaining a complete force for disaster rescue. The government and the civil society also integrated the resources to play the role of supplementary rescue force. The demonstration represents the team work of the units, integrating the procedure utilized by all departments.General Yen pointed out that the rescue plan is the base of the operation. The warzone shall keep in touch with the local government, charity group, and t he police department to ensure the resource of critical information.In addition, Yen visited the refuge, representing the minister to appreciate the units participating the demonstration, including the red cross, Tzu-Chi, Tainan fire department, and CHT. The exhibition offered tour guide on site, introducing the capability of the equipment to the personnel presenting the demonstration.In the afternoon, the army 4th warzone implement the rescue drill at the Fumen bridge plaza, conducting the equipment preparation, evacuation, refuge establishing, air force assisting earthquake rescue, information secured, multi-disaster rescue, and the recovering of ground zero. The force from the army, police, and civil society were integrated, showing the immense rescue capability.Yen suggested that the drill is the war. People should have the disaster  conscious, preventing the possible disaster in daily life. The army demonstrated the effectiveness of the rescue command and the rescue mechanism, guarantying the effectiveness of the operation.To resist the drought, Yen suggested that the army should initiate related operation while implementing the daily training. The air force also insisted the artificial rain operation, sharing the faith with the country.