Defense News


(Reported by journalist Tsai Tsung-heng from Military News Agency in Taipei on April 21)
The requiem mass and pubic funeral ceremony of Mr. Chiang Chung-ling, a former minister of the Ministry of National Defense, was held today at Taipei Holy Family Catholic Church. The mass was held by the bishop of the church, and the funeral was with full military honors in order to commend the great contribution made by Mr. Chiang to the country in his life. Major ministers and officers from government departments concerning administrative and military affairs and President Ma Ying-jeou all came to the funeral in person to show the highest respect. To commend Mr. Chiang for his contribution to the country, President Ma Ying-jeou came to the funeral in person and awarded the order of citation to Mr. Chiang’s family in order to show the highest respect of the government toward his dedication to the country. President Ma also presented flowers, bowed for three times and expressed his condolence and concerns to Mr. Chiang’s family.After the requiem mass, the ceremony of flag-covering was held with full honors. After the master of the ceremony announced the covering with the flag of Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), Mr. Lin Fong-cheng, a former deputy chairman of KMT, Mr. Wang Wen-hsieh, a former deputy minister of the Ministry of National Defense, Mr. Wu Shih-wen and Mr. Tan Yao-ming, former ministers of the Ministry of National Defense, covered the coffin of Mr. Chiang with the flag of the party; then Mr. Hsiao Wan-chang, a former deputy president, Mr. Ting Mao-shih, a former secretary-general of National Security Council, Mr. Kuan Chung, a former president of Examination Yuan, and Mr. Hsu Li-the, a former deputy president of Executive Yuan, covered his coffin with the national flag. The secretary-general of the Office of the President, Tseng Yung-chuan, the secretary-general of the national security council, Kao Hua-chu and the minister of the ministry of National Defense, Gao Guang-chi, also presented flowers to and bowed at Mr. Chiang’s coffin. The remains located at the national cemetery for people to commemorate.