Defense News

(Reported by Hsieh, Tsong-Hsien and Lin , Pu-Tien in Keelung)
2015 Keeung civil mobilization and disaster response drill, Mingan no.1, took place yesterday. The drill aims at practicing the disaster rescue among the earthquake and nuclear disaster, combining the strength of the army and civil defense. The army mobilized hundreds people yesterday, practicing the evacuating, massive medical treatment, the emergent repair on bridges and roads.The drill simulated a earthquake of Richter scale 6.8 occurred and the aftermath of the disaster. Keelung city Mayor LIN was the chief officer of the drill and the vice marine command HUANG was the vice chief officer. The simulation took place in the police department 4th branch, simulating the mobilization, disaster response, and warfare situation. The practice in the afternoon took place in Shangchi Container Park, practicing the evacuation, rescue from the collapse building, biohazard, and the set up of refugees. The effectiveness was increased by the cooperation of all units. In the drill, the army mobilized hundreds of soldiers, 11types of vehicles, the army 3rd branch, Guandu Command, 73 communication regent, 53 engineer troops, and 33 chemical troops. The local government also assist the army to accomplish the rescue.The drill simulates the bridge was down by earthquake and the 53 engineer troop help to set up a mobile bridge, helping the rescue team reach the ground zero. The chemical troops help the sterilizing work to prevent the epidemic situation getting worse.