Defense News


(Military News Agency  / Li Yihao, Taipei 14th)
In commemoration of the “70th anniversary of Taiwan Retrocession and the victory of the Anti-Japanese war” as well as to verify the preparedness and the effectiveness of “Han Kuang No. 31 exercises”, the national forces plan to hold the “National Forces Combat Capability Display” on July 4th at the national military review facility in Hukou with the purpose to show the power of the national forces and the results of their preparation.
The MND Joint Operation Division Director Major General Zhong Shu-ming pointed out in the regular press release today that the display area shall be divided into the introductory show, flypast, ground troops’ display and tactical and technical drills. The MND Demonstration Band, the Tri-Service Honor Guard and the Combat Drum and Color Guard from the Army Academy will be in charge of the introductory show, while the rotorcrafts and the fixed-wing aircraft shall be in charge of the airpast, with a total of 67 aircrafts of 14 models. A total 229 vehicles from 40 national forces’ weapons shall be in charge of the ground troop display. The final combat skill drill will be performed by the Team Mighty Dragon, AH-64E offensive helicopters, UH-60M helicopters and R.O.C. special forces.
General Zhong Shu-ming explicated that in order to inherit the anti-war spirit, the group troops shall be formed as to commemorate different echelons, such as the “Anti-war Busters”, the “Veteran Convoy” and “China Flying Tigers P-40 Fighters” as well as the military inspections during the war time. In order to highly the background and the significance, there will be also a historical exhibition as to remember the arduous moments of the anti-war period. This would not only propagate the sacrifices of the soldiers and their combat spirits, but also underlines the historical fact of war victory achieved by the R.O.C. national forces.
In addition, General Zhong Shu-ming indicated that as to demonstrate the overall results of the combat trainings of the AH-64E, UH60M, EC-225 helicopters, P-3C anti-submarine aircrafts, Patriot No.3, national UAS unmanned flight systems, Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missiles, Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and others, all the latest weapons shall appear in the exhibition. In this way, it would trigger the public to learn about the affairs of the national forces and to gather their compatriotism. Furthermore, it would fortify the national defense consensus as to achieve further national defense development to ensure the safety of the country.