Defense News

(Reported by reporter, Tsai, Tsong-Hen, in Taipei on Apr.9)
The Minister GAO claimed that the recent discipline incident has severely arouse the concern of the society and effecting the image of the army. The army shall face the criticism and review the incident honestly, promoting reformation resolutely, looking back the mistake made by the staff.The Minister GAO suggested as above when attending the foreign policy and military committee in the Legislative Yuan, reporting on the "Review of the discipline incident and the MIS Management Promotion".The Minister GAO suggested that the army has been proposing procedures to prevent related incidents, such as, promotion of door access control, gender equality, reinforcing MIS management, promoting public secure, enhancing legal education, eliminating misfits, and depriving the pension plan of the convicts.The Minister GAO claimed that most personnel are law abiding and the 601R incident has affected the image of army. The Ministry has established a committee to investigate the disciplinary incident in Northern, Central, and Southern warzone. The Ministry will cooperate with the legal proceeding and is open to any question on the administrative process. The investigation will include all level of the officers, ensuring the people may regain the trust of the army and the army may also earning back the honor.