Defense News

(Message by Reporter Li, Yi-Hao, Military News Agency in Chiayi City)
To effectively respond to composite disastrous threats caused by earthquakes, the armed forces Fifth Battle District devoted itself to “2015 All-out Defense Mobilization and Disaster Prevention and Rescue (Civil Aid 1) Drill” held by Chiayi City Government today. Through the war gaming and comprehensive practice, the drill was held to verify relevant preparations,  improve command responses, and strengthen the disaster prevention mechanisms of central and local government, the military and civil aid service, in order to ensure the life and property safety of the public.
The war gaming in the first stage of the drill was implemented in the morning at Emergency Response Center, Chiayi City. Mayor Tu, Hsing-Che acted as the chief officer, and Deputy Chief Executive of Mobilization Affairs Meeting as well as Vice Minister of National Defense Admiral Liu, Chen-Wu acted as the guidance officer, and relevant personnel of central government evaluated the war gaming; after the simulated disaster happened in the war gaming, each disaster prevention and rescue unit jointly conducted the grouping, operation and handling based on the response mechanism in order to ensure the good cooperation among All-out Defense Mobilization Preparation Affairs Meeting, Capability Integration and Coordination Meeting, Disaster Prevention and Relief Meeting and effectively strengthen the disaster rescue efficacy of the local government.
The comprehensive practice in the second stage of the drill was held in the afternoon at Huzinei readjustment district in Chiayi City. Mayor Tu, Hsing-Che acted as the commander, and President Ma, Ying-Jeou guided the drill in person. More than 1,000 people were mobilized, and almost 100 Machines and tools and vehicles were dispatched in the drill.
The Hands-on drill was implemented along with the situation of war gaming. It stimulated the composite disastrous threats, caused by the earthquake with the scale of 6.8 happened in Chiayi area  and the seismic scale of 5 in Chiayi City, including serious collapse of houses, damage of roads and bridges, critical infrastructure break down, continuous fire incidents, and chemical disasters. Practice, including “victim evacuation”, “building collapse rescue”, “underground pipelines rescue”, “medical care for numerous injured people”, “toxic chemical disaster rescue”, and “reservoir failure repair”, was carried out, and the military, police, firefighters, and civil groups mobilized quickly to engage in rescue. The entire process was realistic and smooth.
In the drill, the national force mobilized the army, air force, reserves, and military police in the Fifth Battle District. Upholding the spirit of “disaster rescue equals battle”, more than 200 militaries, along with military equipment, participated in the drill, devoted themselves to the disaster prevention and rescue ordered by the local government, and achieved the guideline of “disaster prevention is more important than disaster rescue; getting away from disasters is more important than disaster prevention” proposed by President Ma, allowing nationals to stay away from disastrous threats and jointly protect the homeland.