Defense News

The acknowledged Military Summer Camp is to initiate and the admission date begins on 8:00 on Mar.30. The camp duration is from June to Aug., and will be hold in 16 phases and recruit 3120 Taiwan high school students. This year, the camp is open for on line application by QR code and the youth want to participate should cease the opportunity.
The Ministry further released details about the camp. The chief of political warfare bureau, General YU, TSON-CHI suggests that during the camp, from June 29 to Aug. 8, the courses will include the warzone travelling, underwater electric welding practice, war skills practice, parachute jumping demonstration, weapon firing, outdoor surviving practice, tank shooting experience, AAV7mobile driving, T-34, AT-3 plane simulation, and warzone experience etc.
TU suggested that the camp also includes a 3-day military science workshop, hold by Chung Cheng Institute of Technology National Defense University, introducing the science relating to military air industry such as, missile defense and network warfare, familiarizing the participant the knowledge of military science.
Except for the science and medicine camp,  the other theme camps registration is to be applied on line and the participants will be drew out publicly. The on-line registration time will be from Mar. 30, 8:00, to Apr. 10, 17:00, on the website, https://camp.gpwb.gov.tw. The draw will be hold on mid April.
The science camp will recruit the junior high school student and the application also will be on line. People wants to participate should visit the website of CHUNG.CHENG ARMED FORCES PREPARATORY SCHOOL firist and complete the application process. The medicine camp will conduct the application by mail from Apr.3 to May 10.