Defense News


(Written by Tsai Tsung-heng, journalist from Military News Agency at Yilan County on Jan. 29)

The opening ceremony for Hongchailin military camp of Army Lanyang Area Command was grandly held today. The commander of 6th Army Corps, Lieutenant General Wang emphasized in his address that the brand-new and complete daily life supporting facilities and public art pieces which are full of creativity will allow soldiers to concentrate on military services and maintenance as well as trainings in the comfortable environment of the modernized military camp, working hard on building a fortified national defense.
The opening ceremony was held in the morning. The magistrate of Yilan County, Lin Tsung-hsien, the chairman of Yilan County Council, Chen Wen-chang, and other guests formed a group to participate in the ceremony to pay respect to the Army. They also performed the ribbon-cutting and sign-unveiling together with the military officers, including Lieutenant General Wang and the commander of Lanyang Area Command, Major General Chang. Magistrate Lin also sent a signboard with Chinese characters saying “龍屏蘭陽 (Dragon defends Lanyang)” on it to Lanyang Area Command as a new home gift. After the ceremony, they visited the environment and facilities in the military camp. They all showed approval to the brand-new military buildings and complete daily life supporting facilities.

Lieutenant General Wang said in his address that the site of Hongchailin military camp has the strategic value for the armed forces which defend this site to easily command operations and go in different directions. With armed forces defending this site, not only the security of Lanyang Plain can be ensured, but the win-win-win situation for the government, locals and the armed forces can also be created. Lieutenant General Wang emphasized that there are complete facilities and good environment for training in Hongchailin military camp; The life quality of soldiers was promoted following the completion of the new military buildings. He called for young people to join the Army to enhance the war potential of our nation. Lieutenant General Wang also reminded the commanders of corps in Lanyang area to cooperate with civil groups and build up the mechanism for disaster prevention and let the local people feel safe. Magistrate Lin said that the corps code name of Lanyang Area Command is “Yellow Dragon”, and when it moved to Hongchailin military camp, which is located in the center of Lanyang Plain and also in Sanxing Township where produces a lot of garlic and green onions, it must have “the best chance to win” in the future and will become the most excellent force in the armed forces. He also mentioned that this arrangement is good for future integrated development of the urban planning in Yilan County, which would create a win-win situation.