Defense News


(Military News Agency / Wu, Boyi, Taipei 26th)

The first recruitment of volunteering soldiers will open its online registration and enrollment on this Wednesday (28th). All young men with aspirations shall seize the opportunity for registration and request for further information as to actively join the line of the nation’s protection.
A total of 8 enrollment chances will be organized by the Ministry of Defense for the selection of volunteering soldiers this year. The number of recruitment consists of 14,000 members. From January 28th to February 10th, the first online registration and enrollment will be opened. Meanwhile, as to improve the recruitment operations, the Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces has also developed “online intelligent quiz assessment” so that the examinees can make good of it.
In addition, to learn the latest recruitment information and troop features, the aspired youth can check webpage of the Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces as well as the online interactive navigation system “Opening the door to the army” as to master  the expertise of different soldiers, the career vision, the introduction of army schools, welfare and benefits, license and training, talent cultivation system and assistance measures for withdrawal. With all the information, one can elect the expertise and ideal troop for itself and create an extraordinary military career.