Defense News


Pingtung, Jan 22; Lin, Ching-Chieh, reporting for Military News Agency

Lieutenant general Wang, Hsing-Wei, Vice Chief of General Staff, NMD, visited the “Lien Yong Drill No. 104-2” on Jan 22 and highly recognized the hard work and great performance of the boys. He expected that the Army’s 586th Armored Brigade becomes a solid force of national defense on the strong foundation of constant improvement.The drill that took place at the Join Training Base in the morning of Jan 22 was a scenario-based test of combat power. The 585th Armored Brigade, reputed as “Chung Shan Force,” started confronting the imaginary enemy head on with 2 columns and a flanking force under the suppression and supports of Navy, Air Force and artillery fires. The 586th took out enemy’s positions and blockades one after another and worked with infantries to bring down enemy force and secure the scheduled target.

As the tanks were refueled and crews refreshed, the commander decided to take advantage of the overwhelming defeat and started to hunt down the enemy already in retreat. With the support of joint strike package in the combat area, the troop demonstrated excellent mobility and fire power, secured the upper hand of the battlefield and eliminated enemy force. The exercise was as close as real combats can be.In the drill, the judges and instructors of the Joint Training Base established scenarios of command and control, communications, battlefield rescue and casualty evacuation in order to improve the ability of participating troops for joint combats and satisfy the needs for defense warfare in the future.