Defense News


(Military News Agency / Cai, Zong Heng, Chiayi 25th)


     Chiayi Reserve Command organized the handover ceremony for the Reservist Counseling Center. The new director Lin, Benyong has taken over the position and emphasized that the tradition of the reverse Qingxi loyalty spirit should be kept, the four major services for the reservists should be well prepared and all assistances for local and national disaster prevention and rescue should be provided.


    The handover ceremony was held at Fu Gue Restaurant in Taibao City. The event was hosted by the commander of Chiayi Reserve Command, Colonel Liao. After rituals, the new director Lin, Benyong was officially the new director. Commander Liao not only applauded for the ex-director, Gong Haiqing,’s labor and performance during his term, but also pointed out that the Director Lin was from the 43rd Special Training Course and 183rd  Hougan Course as well as an experienced local officer. Thus, he believed that outstanding acts should be achieved under the leadership of Director Lin.


   Commander Liao also encouraged all Zingxi cadres that the four major services for the reservists shall be their goal. They should also care about the needed for emergency assistances and transference. In the event of natural disasters, they shall actively report to the superiors and carry out disaster prevention and rescue works. At the same time, they should also assist the local government to maintain social security as to promote the outstanding tradition and service spirit of “Qingxi.”