Defense News


(Xie, Zong Xian and Tu, Wei-jun/Pintung)

The first TRI joint live-fire exercises “Lien Yong Drill No. 104-1” of the year took place at Paolishan Training Field at Armed Forces Joint Training Base in Pingtung yesterday. Backed by the manpower and firepower of the air forces and the navy, the drill trop 586 Armor Brigade conducted a simulated in accordance with the situation. The officers who participated in the drill demonstrated the results of their daily training with a high morale; today, “Lien Yong Drill No.104-2” will take place at the same location. “Lien Yong Drill No. 104-1”’s live fire tests were carried out in two phases at Reshoushan and Paolishan respectively yesterday morning.  586 Armor Brigade who received the examination marshalled the mechanized infantry task force together with anti-armor, chemical soldiers and other soldiers as well as La Fayette Class provided by the navy and F-16 Fighting Falcon in order to successfully accomplish the TRI joint live-fire exercises.

The first mission consisted of pre-emptive strike, ready for firing before attack, expulsion of enemy combatants, attack and seizure of intermediate target by the army, the navy and the air force; after the supply of missile and adjustment of deployment, F-16 Fighting Falcon and the navy warship covered the troops with powerful fire shooting attacking the deep targets. Via armored combat vehicles  and artillery equipment as well as the close cooperation with logistical support, they destroyed the enemy with success. The second mission was accomplished marking an end to the drill.Yesterday was also the first time for the Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle of 586 Armor Brigade to join real drills. It demonstrated an outstanding mobility and fire support; through the actual combat drills, the officers were able to enhance their insight and courage, joint battle tactics and combat abilities as well as improve the overall combat capabilities with joint troops.In addition, Lieutenant General Chen from the 10th Army Command attended personally to the drill yesterday. Not only did he reassure the officers’ toil and diligence, but also expressed his expression for a cautious attitude and actual implementation of the drills and trainings. He also requested to consistently fortify the educational trainings, the logistics maintenance and the discipline for safety works. Under close and rigorous inspections, the troops’ safety could be ensured as to successfully complete their missions.