Defense News


Written by journalist Cheng Yu-chen in Taipei

To miss and pay respect to the soldiers in ROC Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives with loyalty and courage and saved the country, the “Love and Peace Memorial Ceremony – the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Yijiangshan Islands” was held solemnly yesterday. Through themed film and exhibition of video records, people who participated in the event were led to remember the heroic historical facts which happened 60 years ago and were able to realize and feel the spirits of great love and loyalty of the patriots. The event also roused the consciousness of being ready for what may come in the future and patriotism in the minds of people, which helps in realizing the idea of “Civilian National Defense”.

Yesterday was the 60th Anniversary of the sacrifice of the ROC Armed Forces soldiers who defended Yijiangshan Islands for the country. The Ministry of National Defense held “Love and Peace Memorial Ceremony – the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Yijiangshan Islands” at Zhongshan Hall in Taipei City. 28 representatives of the bereaved families was invited, including the son of General Wang Sheng-ming, Mr. Wang Ying-wen, to miss and pay respect to the spirit of the soldiers who defended Yijiangshan Islands and sacrificed their lives for the country, and the honorable history of National Revolutionary Army was passed down at the same time; The whole processes of the memorial ceremony were held by President Ma, and he shook hands with the bereaved families of the patriots after the event one by one in turn to express the gratitude from the bottom of his heart.

The themed film of the “Battle of Yijiangshan Islands” which described the fiercest battle in the military history of the Army in detail was first played at the ceremony. Although the “Battle of Yijiangshan Islands” only lasted for 3 days, it has made the stable and prosperous condition in the region across the Taiwan Strait; Led by General Wang Sheng-ming, all the soldiers defended the islands to their deaths and boosted the morale in the country. It also let all the other countries in the world know the resolution of our country to fight for democracy and liberty.

The most heroic deed in the battle was that General Wang Sheng-ming left the last grenade he had for himself and sacrificed his own life for the country. When the news of the fall of Yijiangshan Islands was transferred to Taiwan, the nation was shocked and mourned for the soldiers. Former President Chiang Kai-shek ordered to promote the rank of General Wang Sheng-ming to major general as his posthumous honors and to list all the names of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country in the Martyrs' Shrine in order to praise their patriotism.

The son of General Wang Sheng-ming and the chairman of the board of the directors of the “Association of Battle of Yijiangshan Islands”, Mr. Wang Ying-wen, said that after the Battle of Yijiangshan Islands, “Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty” came into effective and stopped the military ambition of PRC. The regional condition across Taiwan Strait thus became stable, and we can thus have prosperity and democracy in Taiwan today. He considered that patriotic education is one of the main tasks of the government, and it is the key to unite and prosper the nation. Therefore, he calls for the strengthening of education in the military history of the ROC Armed Forces in order to let young students cultivate their patriotism and know the importance of nation since they are children.

Besides, Mr. Wang Ying-wen took the case of which PRC is going to build a memorial museum for the Battle of Yijiangshan Islands as an example. He said that PRC hoped him to provide historical photographs as artifacts, but he refused. Because he knew that PRC was just saying “peace” without keeping it in mind; He said that it is still possible for PRC to “invade Taiwan with armed forces”. The nation should be aware and prepared for what may happen in the future. Mr. Wang Ying-wen particularly expected that peace should be a wish but not the condition now, and he hoped that the country can keep on moving forward to it.