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Defense News

Minister of MND Hua-chu Kao Supervised National Armed Forces in Tainan and Praised their Efforts for Combat Readiness (2012-09-17)

(12th Sep, Ching-chieh Lin, Tainan, Military News Agency) Minister of MND, Hua-chu Kao supervised Aviation and Special Forces Command, Anti-air Missiles Unit and reserve armed forces in Tainan today and expressed President Ma’s regards to them.  He recognized officers’ efforts of sticking to their post for combat readiness training.

Kao firstly supervised the Aviation and Special Forces Command and listened to the briefing about their training program.  He requested cadres to pursue higher standards based on current flying training and exchange flying experience with other pilots’ for promoting trainees’ profession and elevating national armed forces’ combat strength.

According to Kao, under the overall scheming of downsizing project, each command of national armed forces should carry through the request of sharing resources and exchanging human resources to effectively distribute human resources and establish the concept of “one equipment applying to all national armed forces”.  By doing so, national armed forces can fully develop the function of organization and establish the stronghold of national armed forces for securing national safety.

Kao also encouraged cadres of Aviation and Special Forces Command to keep strengthening flying training after the completion of replacement mission. They should also follow standardized procedures based on the principle of procedures and steps, put requests into practice and make logistics maintenance flawless.  By doing so, the benefit of personnel and weaponry equipment can be fully developed.

While supervising the Anti-air Missiles Unit and national reserve forces, Kao instructed the head of 4th Battle Zone to supervise national armed forces’ training for war readiness and security drill of barracks actively according to the specified authority.  For elevating combat force, they are also required to assist resolving issues within troops for cultivating harmonious atmosphere and consolidating the unity.


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