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Defense News

Veteran Soldiers Joined 568 Brigade and Recalled the Old Times of Military Service (2012-09-13)

(11th Sep, Tsung-hung, Tsai, Taichung, Military News Agency) “Waving flags, resonant horns and battle formation are their happy home”.  Forty grandma and grandpa gathered together to experience the one-day military service in 586 Armored Brigade, Seven Star Hill Barrack today.  All of them are over 50 years old and hence, they are truly the “old soldiers”.  They sang a military song, Old Soldiers; the voice reflected the vicissitude they experienced resounding in the barrack showed their lofty aims and noble ambition as old soldiers.

The members of second stage Forever Young Soldiers’ Dream showed their unbeatable passion and energy.  Three couple joined the activity together and one 86 years old man, Chan-fen Chi insisted to attend all-day activity with his walking stick.  In camouflage clothing, these elderly men sang national anthem loudly and said their vow with full vitality, it seems that they’ve returned to the good old days of their youth.  

To make these old soldiers fulfilling their dream as soldiers again safely, 586 Armored Brigade organized diversified programs for them.  The morning programs included telecommunication facilities, T91 rifle disassembly, simulate real shooting and signs for directing armored tanks; the afternoon programs included trial ride of armored tanks, military songs teaching, etc. The programs covered many newly updated facilities and training.  Either with or without military service experiences, for those grandpa and grandma, these programs were quite fancy for them so they all enjoyed the activity with high spirit.  Their serious participation won the respect of soldiers who organized the program for them.  

“01 calls for 02, over!” After understanding the characteristics of the facilities during ultra-high frequency wireless set program, veteran soldiers contacted each other with 37C single band; they couldn’t help laugh loudly while hearing the voice from the other end.  They were also very impressed with the operation of simulate T91 rifle shooting due to its safer characteristics and no influence under any weather circumstances.  Everyone closed one eye and aimed at the target closely while giving a trial and tried to earn the good grade of dead on target. 

They were given a ride of CM26 Armored Vehicle in the afternoon which made grandpa and grandma very pleased.  When the rumbling engine started, old soldiers shout loudly and cannot wait to experience riding the armored tanks’ excitement and heroic spirit.

In spite of the whole day military training and experiment, all 40 old soldiers stuck to the end.  In the graduation ceremony, brigade commander of 586 Armored Brigade highly recognized their spirit and performance except for presenting the graduation certificates and discharge of army.  He expected this activity could help them understand national armed forces better, experience soldiers’ efforts for defending the country’s security then consolidate the recognition of national defense.


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