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Defense News

President Ma, Ying-jeou Visited Disaster Area, Hoping Village and Requested More Support from National Armed Forces for Reconstruction(2012-08-07)

    (4th Aug, Yi-li Juo, Hualien, Military News Agency) President Ma, Ying-jeou went for Hsiulin Township and Hoping Village, Hualien County today to investigate the house damages and visited villagers in the resettlement center in Hoping Primary School.  He urged Executive Yuan to found cross-ministerial project team for speedy reconstruction and requested more national armed forces’ support for post-disaster cleaning work which enables villagers to return to normal life soon.

In the company of Minister of MOI, Hung-yuan Lee, Chief of the General Staff, General Chen-yi, Lin, Ma arrived Hoping Village, Hsiulin Township, Hualien County to investigate the house damage status.  They listened to the briefing given by Village Head, Ms Shu-yin Hsu about local disaster status then visited the resettlement center in Hoping Primary School to encourage villagers.

In Ma’s speech, he mentioned that the tropical storm Saola hit Hsiulin Township directly and its treacherous route against Central Weather Bureau’s forecast which brought unexpected heavy rainfall and mudflow disaster.  Ma also expressed his respect and appreciation for Villager Head, Ms Shu-yin Hsu’s early action that she evacuated more than 300 villagers and hence, avoided greater calamity.

As for villagers’ resettlement, reconstruction, village relocation and short-term employment, Ma urged Executive Yuan, along with MOE, MND, and MOI to found cross-ministerial project team, keep close contact with Hualien County Government and Hsiulin Township to draft the reconstruction plan as soon as possible.  

Ma emphasized that as reconstruction cannot be finalized within one or two months, villagers’ long-term resettlement has to be placed in first priority.  He urged them to follow Typhoon Morakot’s example that they did not need to be constrained by existing laws and regulation and by passed the Environmental Impact Assessment and Urban Planning and Review that allowed the finish of 90% permanent houses within three years and effectively solved villagers’ housing issue.  Likewise, they could refer to Typhoon Morokot’s reconstruction experience for the reference of Hsiuling Township’s resettlement and reconstruction.

Ma pointed out that due to the connecting road to outside Hsiuling Township has been blocked and some areas’ disasters could not yet estimate, however, the sooner, the better.  He instructed MND to assign more national armed forces to support the post-disaster cleaning and provide villagers’ daily necessities and other resources via the communication between central and local government which enables villagers to return to normal life as soon as possible.


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