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Defense News

The Commander of the Fourth Battle Zone Supervised Disaster Relief Precaution Measures(2012-08-01)

(30th July, Yi-hao Lee, Taipei, Military News Agency) To respond to the approaching tropical storm Saola, Commander of the 4th Battle Zone, Lieutenant General Cheng visited Lai-yi and Lin-bien Township, Pingtung County and the Flood Control Center, Chia-lu-tang Barrack today to supervise precaution measures status in those potential disaster area.  He urged each unit to speed up the measures of advanced preparation and early deployment of armed forces to protect people’s life and property.

According to Commander Cheng, the global climate abnormity in recent years aggravates causality of natural disasters.  National armed forces have made sound preparation with their long term disaster relief experience and are ready to devote the resources to the most needed places for minimizing damage to the lowest. 

Commander Cheng also called for local townships’ cooperation to assist villagers’ evacuation immediately when the torrential rain warning issued.  By doing so, they could put the principle of prevention prior than relief and away from disasters prior than prevention to ensure people’s life and security.

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