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Defense News

Air Force Rescue Team Completed the Rescue Mission of Injured Sailor In the Outer Sea of Hungchun(2012-07-18)

(15th July, Yu-jen Liu, Taipei, Military News Agency) According to MND, National Rescue Center received a report that a cargo ship with the flag of Republic of Panama, Chia Wan Ship, its power panel was exploded and caused serious burn in a China sailor’s face, eyes and right upper arm in the Southwest sea of Hungchun, about 64 sea miles, and they immediately reported to National Rescue Center for support.

According to MND, after receiving the report, they immediately dispatched Di-hua naval vessel to carry out the rescue mission.  Meanwhile, a S-70C rescue helicopter with serial number K-493 was also dispatched from the Chiayi air force base at 5:27am and started the hanging operation after arriving destination at 6:32am.  The S-70C helicopter safely arrived Chiayi airport at 7:46am and the injured sailor was sent to Chiayi Veteran Hospital right away for further treatment.

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