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Defense News

President Ma Encouraged National Armed Forces Keep Preparation for Force Building and Improving Disaster Relief Measures(2012-07-16)

(10th July, Yi-li Juo, Taipei, Military News Agency) President Ma held EC-225 commissioning ceremony for Air Force today in Songshan Airport, Taipei.  He once again restated Taiwan government’s determination for maintaining national security and encouraged national armed forces to keep strengthening the force building and disaster relief measures for protecting people’s life and property.

President of Legislative Yuan, Jin-ping Wang, President of Judicial Yuan, Hau-min Lai, Secretary-general to the President, Yung-chuan Tseng, Secretary General of National Security Council, Wei-chen Hu, Minister of MND, Hua-chu Kao and Air Force Commanding General, Ming, Yen all attended the ceremony.

In President Ma’s speech, he pointed out that both national Father, Dr. Sun, Yat-sen and late president, Chiang, Kai-shek had raised the concepts of establishing the country with air force and no air defense, no national defense which show air force is the key force of national security.  The establishment of air force and its disaster relief measures also bring their capability into full play in the past few years which have earned people’s trust.  The newly purchased EC-225 rescue helicopters can further national forces’ rescue capability and people will see its growth and development.

President Ma mentioned Taiwan’s growth in both economics and democracy have won the recognition worldwide; furthermore, Taiwan is endeavour to improve the cross-strait relations, promote peace, and play the role as peace maker and humanitarian aid, which not only improves its international image but also wins international societies’ support.

President Ma emphasized that Taiwan is a sovereign state and government treat national defense highly.  The old sayings tell us that a warlike country is doomed to fall; but a country without preparation to against war readiness is in danger.  Therefore, although tee cross-strait relation is the most peaceful and stabilizing period for the past 60 years, Taiwan government has never become slack off to armed forces establishment for war readiness.

President Ma believes the strong national defense is the foundation stone of national development and social prosperity, hence, he encouraged national armed forces to establish national defense focused on quality rather than quality according to the strategy of deterrence and defense with creativity.  They are also required to improve the disaster rescue capability at peace time and fulfil their responsibility of defending the county at war time to protect people’s life and property.

President Ma also watched the air fight fighters’ drill which included S-70C performance demonstration and EC-225 rescue helicopter rescue mission demonstration.  He praised the drill’s movement and accurate operation which made him very proud of being the commander in chief of this review ceremony.

In the tea party after the drill, Ma also pointed out that the maximum speed of EC-225 rescue helicopter has beyond high speed train which will elevate air forces’ rescue relief capability effectively and play its role of protecting the nation.  He also rewarded the air force personnel bounties for their efforts and personally boarded a EC-225 rescue helicopter to inspect its function and interior medical equipment.


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