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Defense News

National Armed Forces Standby in Taitung for Disaster Relief Missions (2012-06-22)

(19th June, Yi-hao Lee, Taitung, Military News Agency) To deal with the likely heavy rainfall and expected damage by Tropical Storm Talim, Army Command in Taitung set up Disaster Relief Command Post at 3:00pm today and finalized forces disposition which will be able to fully assist local governments and people to carry out the missions of disaster prevention, disaster relief and reconstruction work afterwards.

According to Army Command in Taitung, the forces disposition covers 344 military personnel from inland forces of Army, Air Force, Combined Logistics and Military Policemen as well as 26 ground vehicles which divided into 15 posts in 3 zone defense areas in Kuanhai, Taitung and Taida respectively; the forces disposition for liaison officers and data collection officers are also finalized.  Moreover, 27 officers of the 4th Battalion, Army Special Force have stationed in likely mud slide mountain villages such as Lalinlin, Taiban Village, Taiyuan Village so they could support local residents’ relief request the first time and secure their life and property.

According to Army Command in Taitung, they hold the principle of earlier preparation, advanced forces disposition and rescue anytime to finalize status check up of each river, bridge, and traffic artery before flood season; they also update data, set up hotline, organize the grouping for disaster relief forces, prepare materials, maintain gears, and make disaster-relief rehearsal for various possibilities to strengthen officers’ capability of disaster-relief operation.

The Taitung Army Command emphasized that before the threat of Tropical Storm Talim away, all standby forces will stick to their posts and stand in the front to join the evacuation and relief operation toward any hazardous status and defend local villagers’ homeland.


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