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Defense News

MND hold Joint Wedding in Larger Scope on Thursday in Renaissance Hill Campus(2012-05-09)

(26th May, Chung-hsun, Lee, Taipei, Military News Agency) MND will hold 2012 Joint Wedding for officers on 10th May in Renaissance Hell Campus, National Defense University.  To create the warm and festive atmosphere, the venue will be decorated with many balloons to symbolize the newly-weds’ happy prospect and wish to be united in one mind. 

According to MND, in response to government’s fertility increase policy and improving officers’ welfare, the joint wedding will be held in larger scope this year to consolidate officers and military dependents’ coherence as well as elevate armed forces’ image regarding mercenary system policy.

Minister of MND, Hua-chu, Kao and his wife will be the presiding witnesses during the wedding and the newly-weds will receive congratulation presents prepared by MND which includes wedding dress, make up allowance and one-night accommodation coupon in Hero House before the wedding.



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