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Defense News

Minister of MND Hua-chu Kao Supervised Salvo Armed Force and is Satisfied with their Efforts(101/02/15)

(12th Feb, Ching-chieh Lin, Taipei, Military News Agency) Minister of MND Hua-chu Kao supervised Army Salvo Armed Force today and is satisfied with their efforts of sticking to their post and combat training.  To mould national troops’ image among general public and win their trust, he emphasized the importance of strengthening barracks’ overall security and strictly following various military disciplines as well as regulations.

In the company of Acting Director of General Political Warfare Bureau, Lieutenant General Ming-wo Wang, Minister Kao supervised Salvo Armed Force and listened to the their mission briefing.  He also inspected the living facilities in barracks and instructed cadres to put extra efforts in officers’ daily care so they can focus on combat mission and reinforce combat force.

 Minister Kao also concerned about officers and soldiers’ leisure activities; he inquired fellow officers’ daily life and encouraged them to pay more attention on physical training and health care.





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